A virtual exposition space for information and discussion on Health in Housing, developed by telematic means as a discussion list and promoted by the Pan American Network for Health in Housing Centers and the Pan American Center for Sanitary Engineering (CEPIS/ PAHO), under the patronage of the Basic Sanitation Program of the Health and Environment Division of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO).

A regional and international forum for information broadcasting and criteria confrontation specialized on Health in Housing, which was based on telecommunication facility. This forum is opened for participation of all professionals interested in these thema. Its basic language will be Spanish, but also it should be allowed contributions in English, French and Portuguese, as a way of stimulating participants of the English Caribbean, Haiti and Brazil. 

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Dr. Carlos Barceló: ( INHEM – La Habana)
Ing. Paulo Cezar Pinto: (OPS/OMS - Washington)
Dr. Maurizio Trevisan: (SUNY – Buffalo)

5. Operation

Each member sends his message to the electronic address of VIVSALUD@CEPIS.ORG.PE list. The (LISTSERV 1.8d®) software guides automatically each message to all list members. Anyone of the undersigneds can begin discussions on general or concrete topics. List members can answer or comment messages, and so on.

This is a virtual discussion on Health in Housing issues. So that, VIVSALUD list will be effective and relevant, while each member must be responsible to verify quality of exchanged information and to follow rules of ‘Netiqueta’ :

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Recall preferably to avoid use of files attached to message’s body, but sign always your contributions. Try to condense information or opinions you wish to communicate, for sake of briefness. In your first list contribution, we request, that after your firm, identify your profession, affiliation, country and any other information that serves to provide knowledge on yourself to participants. Thank you very much .

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